Screen Printing

There are 4 types in printing; letterpress, lithography, intaglio and stencil. Stencil is used for screen printing just like mimeograph. Mesh(=screen) made of fabrics such as polyester is used for stencil. Screen is stretched and fixed to the frame. Resist is coated on the screen to fill up the meshes that are not necessary. Ink goes through the unfilled meshes and are transferred to the substrate.

Screen printing are being used for various substrates in various fields. Ink does not adhere to some kinds of substrates with other printing methods. Screen printing can be used on some of these substrates.

  • Commercial Applications: Posters, billboards, POP, displays, stickers, signs, flags
  • Daily Necessaries: Toys, stationery, sports goods, bags, T-shirts, cosmetics containers, toiletry containers, packages, wooden products, glass, ceramics.
  • Industrial Applications: Automobile meters, CDs, parts of electric appliances, membrane switches, liquid crystal display, automatic vendors, name plates, print circuit boards, thick ICs.

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